Attorney General Lynch Demands Congress Pay for Obama's Executive Orders on Gun Control


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Attorney General Loretta Lynch is demanding Congress pay for Obama's Executive Orders on gun control.


It's critical gun owners keep up the pressure on Congress and demand they stand up to Obama's radical anti-gun agenda.




Some of the most dangerous components of Obama's ten new gun control executive actions include: 


** More mental health reporting requirements, including hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to bribe states into reporting confidential, private healthcare info to the Federal "No-Guns" database.

 ** Massive increases in the size of the ATF and FBI -- to the tune of a 50% increase in ATF staff alone. Hundreds of new agents all with instructions to track and investigate gun owners online.

** Full implementation of the Social Security Gun Ban. This uses the same loophole the federal government is already using to disarm veterans without due process to strip gun rights away from 75,000 Social Security recipients each year.

The President himself admitted his new orders would do little to curb violence, saying...

“...we have to be very clear that this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country, it’s not going to prevent every mass shooting, it’s not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal...”

Demand Congress stand up to Obama's plan to disarm Americans.


The Washington Post Reports: 


Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Wednesday defended President Obama’s recent executive actions on gun control and called on Congress to fund the staff necessary to uphold the law.


Lynch argued Obama’s proposals clarify and enhance existing laws rather than create new ones. She also responded to Republican criticism that the actions would do little to stop those who obtained guns in recent high-profile killings, such as the San Bernardino shooting (the guns used were obtained legally through a friend) and at Sandy Hook Elementary (where the shooter took the guns from his mom).

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